Photos / Press

New B.C. Building opened at the PNE – The Province, June 1954

Vast B.C. relief map features PNE structure – The Province, June 1954

Relief map, sports hall as appealing as ever – Marilyn Stusiak for the Vancouver Sun – September 1988

Challenger map’s facelift symbolic of effort in PNE – Mary Lynn Smith for the Vancouver Sun, August 1990

World’s biggest map in Guinness World Records book – Tom Hawthorn for The province, October 1992

B.C.’s huge map at risk if moved – The Canadian Press, June 1994

Home movie of the Challenger map in 1997, months before it was deconstructed – Tony Roy, August 1997

New home sought for famous relief map of B.C. – John Mackie for the Vancouver Sun, August 1997

Family fears relief map will be warehoused, ashes included – Cover story from the Vancouver Sun, August 1997

Challenger map removal to be challenged in court – Brian Foden for the Province, August 1997

Challenger map relegated to storage – Neal Hall for the Vancouver Sun, November 1997

PNE’s Challenger map headed for storage – Frances Bula for the Vancouver Sun, December 1997

Giant relief map of B.C. dismantled while efforts continue to find new home – Doug Ward for the Vancouver Sun, February 1998

B.C. relief map sees new life as Olympic security tool – Rod Mickleburgh for the Globe and Mail, October 2009

Challenger map finds temporary home for Olympics – John Mackie for the Vancouver Sun, June 2009